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The Right Way to become an Instagram Influencer 2

Published on 19.06.2019 by James

In the first part of the series, we talked about the different option of becoming an influencer. We covered things like having a compelling bio, setting up an account in the right way, and tracking everything. Today we would love to present your second part of the guideline.

Creating the Hashtags

If you want to be the right influencer, then you should create your hashtags. Keep in mind that every brand or personal influence has its hashtags — for example, Basketball teams such as Golden State Warriors and others have specific hashtags. #DubNation is the hashtag related to Golden State Warriors only, so you see that they have a specific approach to hashtag game.

That's how you should roll your campaign. Try to attract as much interest as you can. That kind of hashtags talks about the ability to gain lots of followers. When someone visits your account and checks on photos, they look at different variables. Having own influencer hashtags will have a good influence on them.

Interacting with the followers

It's a vital part of every campaign. When someone follows you and tries to interact with your content, don't just be silent. Go and tell them that you are grateful. Ask them questions and try to communicate efficiently.

What would be a perfect approach? Don't just post content with good info. Try to ask questions on those content. For example, ask if they like the content and what would be better to do in the future? And check everyone's response. If someone is not admiring your content, direct message them, and ask what you are doing wrong. It's a psychological advantage on your side and don't let it slip away.

Using Instagram Stories

Try to communicate with your followers with Instagram stories. Do you know that Instagram stories are a perfect way to sell a product or service? 90% of Instagram users watch and interact with Instagram stories. It's an open message to your followers. As of now, you can post different types of videos and images. Instagram followers would be happy to interact with your stories and find more about your offer. Do you know that business accounts have chance to add links to Instagram stories? That's a perfect way to convert your followers into buyers. Make a very interesting post and add it to your Instagram story. Also, add the link as "Read More" or "Find More" about the product/offer and let them go to your website.

Publishing content on a specific time

In the previous part, we have talked about the business account of Instagram. There you can see all the details about the followers. Who they are and where they are from. What they do on a specific time and what's best posts on your Instagram feed. Keep in mind that Instagram business data gives you a chance to see which posts get more exposure. So you have specific times and category on which people engage more. That's how you can understand the peak of your followers. Find the data and post only on specific times.