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Final approach to TikTok and controversy regarding Trump and TikTok

Published on 06.11.2022 by Jacob Turner

During the economical war between China and the US, The White House official admitted that they could not trust Chinese-owned company TikTok. In that exact moment, TikTok became very popular around the globe, including the US. That's why former president of the US, Donald Trump wanted to ban TikTok in the US. Keep in mind that India was the first to restrict and fully ban the application duo to the bad political relations with the China.


Reasons Donald Trump wanted to ban TikTok in the US

1. National security concerns

The US government has long been concerned about the national security implications of TikTok, given its Chinese ownership. In particular, there are worries that the app could be used to collect data on US users and even manipulate public opinion.


2. Economic concerns

There are also economic concerns at play here. The US government is worried about the impact TikTok could have on American businesses, given its immense popularity.


3. Political concerns

Finally, there are also political concerns at play. Donald Trump and other US politicians have been critical of TikTok, arguing that it could be used to spread Chinese propaganda.


Trump issued an Executive order to ban TikTok

The order gave TikTok parent company ByteDance 90 days to divest its US assets. However, on November 12th, 2020, the US government announced that it had reached a deal with ByteDance to allow TikTok to continue operating in the US.


Legal response from the TikTok against Donald Trump

TikTok filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, arguing that the Executive order was unconstitutional. The lawsuit is still ongoing.


How Oracle brought TikTok back to the United States

The US government approved a deal that would see Oracle and Walmart investing in TikTok. Under the deal, Oracle will become TikTok’s “trusted technology partner”, while Walmart will take a minority stake in the company. The deal still needs to be approved by ByteDance.


Biden’s administration approach to TikTok case

It is still unclear how the Biden administration will approach the TikTok case. However, given the national security concerns at play, it is unlikely that TikTok will be allowed to operate in the US without some major changes.