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How to be successful at Instagram in a few steps 2020 Edition

Published on 22.01.2020 by Lela

When it comes to Instagram, getting followers is not as important as having an influence. You may have thousands of followers, but your ideas and thoughts had no impact on your followers. That's why businesses and big brands seek for quality influencers. If you want to build a sustainable business and become a very successful influencer, then you should hear our preaching and follow our guidelines.

Content HAS TO BE unique

Most of Instagram users start with stolen content. First of all, it's not legal when you steal the photo from the internet and don't give credit to someone who owns the rights on it. Even if you credit the owner, you still get the copyrighted photo, which means that you don't want to create unique content.

unique content, Instagram followers see only one thing – "You don't care about the quality, and obviously, you don't want to create a special bond with followers." Followers look at everything, so you should be ready for it. It's essential to have a unique photo. When the photo goes viral, social network users always look at the owner of the photo. It's the easiest way to gain thousands of followers from just one image or video.

Plan the content strategy for the whole month

Act like you are the owner of the agency. Every agency or business has a plan for the entire month. It's essential for success, and in that way, you don't miss anything. When you've planned the content, then you can easily follow the plan. Strategy for a whole month makes your life more comfortable at a scale. Keep in mind that Instagram is a game of numbers; it's just a matter of time to go viral when you put into the work and deliver high quality and unique content.

Diversify the content portfolio

Don't be a guy who uploads only images on Instagram. In 2020, Instagram is more about diversifying the content strategy. Do the research and find out what your competitors are doing every day. Instagram will suggest you the competitor pages, and you have to track their plan. What are they doing, when are they doing particular tasks, and why are they doing it. You can create the excel file and put the data so it will be easier for you to track and understand the competitor's behavior. Try to find the competitors who have more than 100 000 followers so that you can understand the behavior of your desired audience.  Try to understand what type of content works for your audience. Keep in mind that the importance of diversification is very great because it leads to getting attention from different types of Instagram users.