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How Ecommerce Store Owners Can Use Instagram

Published on 04.12.2019 by Natia

We won't mention that Instagram is the second biggest social network around the globe. You already know the power of Instagram, unless you won’t be interested in this guideline. Today we want to focus on the big thing – how to sell your eCommerce product through Instagram.

We are not referring to “Instagram shopping” as it’s a different thing. We want to teach you strategy on how to sell products on your eCommerce website from Instagram traffic.

Instagram traffic

First of all, everyone could ask the following question – how to get Instagram traffic? Well, it’s easy and working for the last few years. Go and use the Instagram influencers market, as it’s the most potent and authority thing you can get for your eCommerce website.

Instagram influencers differ from each other. Some of the influencers crossed the million followers threshold, while others are still struggling. If the influencer has less than a million followers, then it’s a perfect target for you. In general, lesser-known Instagram influencers take way less than celebrities.

Focus on Influencers under 1 million followers

If you are starting in Instagram marketing, then it’s better to start with a small account. User Instagram’s search bar and look for influencers in your niche. Every niche has an established influencer, but you should look for a less-known person. Start with an influencer who has under 15 000 followers. Don’t forget to check the engagement rate of the account.

So, your main task is to find as many Instagram influencers under 15 000 followers as possible. Then you should store every account in the working document. In that way, it’s easy to understand which account can give you profit.

Choose an account with a higher engagement rate.

The engagement rate equals the percentage of engagement on Instagram posts. For example, if an account is getting 100 likes on average and has 1000 followers, then the engagement rate is 10%. You should look for a higher engagement rate. In general, the most prominent Instagram influencers have a 2-5% rate.

You’ll see a higher rate of engagement in niche-specific influencers. With the help of the working document, you’ll understand which account has a better rate.

Ask for 12 and 24 hours promotion

In most cases, Influencers advise you to go for 24 hours promotion. If you want to save money as it’s your first step in influencers marketing, then go for 24 hours promotion. Don’t ask them for 12 hours promotion blindly. First, ask for statistics from Instagram analytics. Then look at the times when influencer’s followers mostly active. Choose the most productive 12 hours of the day and publish your ad in that period.