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Definitive Guide to Facebook Affiliate Marketing PART II

Published on 31.12.2019 by Natia

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

I bet you have heard about passive income once in your lifetime. Affiliate marketing is the most suitable process for getting passive income. You get the fantastic feeling, especially when commission comes into your bank account. You can actually make sales while you sleep. Affiliate business is a continuous process, and it makes money for you even when you sleep.

Low-risk industry – affiliates are enjoying this particular online business space because of low risk. You don't need to invest upfront money unless you want to test the product yourself. Most affiliates start with $10-20 for domain and hosting, nothing more.

Ready-made platform – affiliates don't have to worry about banners, customer services, or shipping time. The content creator already fulfills everything. Affiliates have to demonstrate their marketing skills to survive in this crowded industry.

Perfect fit for solopreneurs – affiliates are mostly solopreneurs. They don't need to hire someone to manage marketing plans;

Scale to the moon – yes, affiliates can use the weapon to scale any product. They are not limited to anything, so the affiliate can take the new product every time they decide and scale to the moon.

How to take the first steps in affiliate marketing

Below we will try to cover almost every part of this business process for newbies. If you are starting and want to test waters in the affiliate industry, then keep on reading.

1. Choose the niche for business

When a newbie tries to attempt in the affiliate business, they are lost from the start. That happens because we can't find out niche or sector to focus on. If you are feeling lost right now, we are here to help you. Forget everything and take a notebook (open a google document if you are tech-lover). Write every possible idea that comes into your mind right now – focus on out of the box ideas. What's your hobby? Maybe you have some side-hustle dream that you want to fulfill? Brainstorm the notebook with ideas. Now look down at those ideas and choose only one topic. Choose the niche that makes you feel better and motivated, the niche that gives you happiness. The primary purpose is to find the niche that you love and start working on it.

2. Choose affiliate marketing network

This industry is full of networks. You'll be lost in those platforms you may come up within Google. That's where you should be very careful. Choosing the right affiliate network can transform your business. The right affiliate network not only helps you to succeed but also gives you financial freedom (sending payments on time).

There are two types of networks in this business industry. You should choose one of them carefully.