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Newbie Friendly Youtube Video Ideas Part II

Published on 15.09.2019 by Luka

In the first part of this guideline, we talked about a few very creative and essential ideas. Today we will focus on ten more YouTube video ideas you can make true for marketing efforts.

Behind the scenes

It’s essential to show your loyal fans behind the scenes. It's interesting to watch behind the scene videos as you it makes your channel more powerful. Behind the views and the bloopers make you close to fans. People who watch your professional videos also need to see another side. Loyal fans want to see the people who are on the other front of the camera and who prepares text or scenarios for video.

Facts about you

To make fans comfortable with you, then created videos about you. Not behind the scenes but actual full footage about your life. It could be simple facts or some exciting moments from your life.

YouTube users want not only professional or education videos but also a personal one. If you decide to engage with fans on a long-term, then you should show the true self. That’s why it’s essential to create videos about you. Just recall the facts that could be interesting to your loyal viewers and capture adorable video about those facts.

How to - Do it yourself

Have you read all the comments from your fans? Most fans could see a different thing about you and ask you to do it. For example, fashion influencers who focus only on clothes and fashion as a whole but fans ask to create makeup tutorial.

If your loyal fan sees that you can also do different things rather than channel niche, then you should grant their wishes.

Product tutorials

It’s a simple yet compelling video idea. You can make tons of money from simple product tutorials. People are searching for influencers to make sure that the product has high quality and it's worth the money paid.

You can be in any industry and make a review or tutorial for a different niche product. For example, you could be a real estate agent but capture a tutorial for the iPhone X.

Also, you can find applications that can help people in the Real Estate niche. Play a bit with those apps, get a lot of information, and capture tutorial or review of that app.

Keep in mind that it’s easy to make more money by promoting products. It could be an application or any other product. If you don’t want to focus on different niche, then you can create product reviews specifically in your industry.