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Pinterest Marketing tips to use in 2020 Part I

Published on 31.03.2020 by Lela

Pinterest grew as one of the biggest platforms for b2c business operators. Through Pinterest, you can easily connect with the consumer directly that’s why more businesses are trying to take the main spot on the platform.

As you may don’t know, Pinterest has more than 290 million monthly active users. It means that you have a chance to show your product or service to a third of billion around the world. Don’t forget that Pinterest is most popular among women and products should be related to them. Your product or service has to be related to cooking, home stuff, traveling or fitness to make the best out of Pinterest - those four industries literally dominate the attention of 90% of Pinterest users. Keep in mind that Pinterest users are very active and in most cases, they have good jobs and money to buy service/product for you. So, if your company is not on Pinterest yet, you’re missing big income from this stream. 

Transform regular account into a business one

A business account has many features and benefits. You can get the most out of the regular accounts. Make sure that your business has a landing page and connect it with the Pinterest account. In that way, you can easily track how many Pinterest users visit your landing page (product/service offer) daily. A business account will give you access to analytics. Keep in mind that you need analytics to make branding and product placement in a better way. There is always room for improvement and that’s why you should take care of analytics.

Jump-start your Pinterest journey

When Pinterest users check your account, they want to be sure that are you a valid business entity and your offer is trustable. That’s why you need Pinterest followers and repins for your pins. When you stay consistent and have many followers, people will believe in your product/service.