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Newbie Friendly Youtube Video Ideas Part I

Published on 11.09.2019 by Luka

Do you want to be a YouTube influencer? Well, in 2019 it’s the most popular profession if we can call it so. It could be funny for someone that we call YouTube influencers as a profession, but people make a living from YouTube.

If you have decided to follow the footprints of “PewDiePie” and other celebrity YouTube influencers, then we have a ready-made recipe for you. There are thousands of ideas on how to get viral but most importantly focus on successful video ideas. Let’s find out what type of videos work like a charm in any industry.

Introducing yourself to the YouTube world

It’s the first and easiest video you can ever make. Just sit in front of the camera and greet YouTube universe. You are just a newbie to YouTube, so it’s essential to introduce yourself foremost.

Response video on other’s statement

If you are in the movie critique industry, then make a response video on someone’s opinion. For example, if one of the YouTubers or famous person thinks that Quentin Tarantino’s style is not as good as people describe, then go and make a response video. You don’t have to critique a person’s statement; you can agree with that and add more valid arguments (if so).

That kind of YouTube video ideas could be simple yet very powerful. You’ll get lots of attention and exposure.

Join vlog movement

In 2019, every new YouTuber seeks for the vlog. It’s easier today to start a vlog, but it’s already crowded place. We don't say that you can’t succeed in Vlog industry, but YouTube already has thousands of big influencers in all sectors who vlog daily.

If you decide to start a vlog movement, then stick to one plan. Your plan could be one vlog every other day, so don’t break the promise as Algorithm looks for regularity.

Opinion video on a hot topic

First of all, we should admit that hot topics are always the best way to get more attention from random people. And politics could be the best niche for making opinion video. For example, make a video about China-US trade war as it gets heated day by day.

A day in your life

Most comfortable and smoothest video you can ever make. Show your subscribers and fans how you treat your body, family, etc.

You’ve to capture every beautiful and exciting moment from a specific day. Don’t make things complicated and stage situations. Be real and show your actual day; people love pure truth.