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Strategy plan for successful Facebook page in 2020

Published on 19.06.2020 by Natia

It is widely known that Facebook is one of the greatest platforms with huge marketing opportunities. However, lately, it became harder competing with top brands that are already firmly established.

Fortunately, there are some smart ways for beginners, through which they can still achieve success shortly. Firstly, you will need to get the attention of your audience. Along with general experience, you should focus on the tips that can be effective in 2020. If you keep following only tips that worked in the past, you will not have room for growth.

Adopt a new approach

If you were used to posting your content without any order, it's time to forget that approach. Random posts may have seemed reasonable at the very beginning. But in case you have some bigger plans, you need to put them into the 60-20-20 approach.

The new approach means that 60% of your posts should be original content. Another 20% can be shared but still topic-related content. And only the remaining 20% of your posts can include promotional material. 

Prioritize video content

Video content, generally, is very popular among all social network users. Just keep your videos short and catchy.

Keep in mind that about half of your audience will come across to your videos via mobile devices while scrolling down their Facebook wall. This means they are not likely to watch long videos. 

So, try to make them not longer than 30-40 seconds and still put the most important part of the information at the beginning of the video. Don't forget to add an appropriate caption to each of them as well.