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Smart Ways to Acquire YouTube Subscribers in 2020

Published on 12.10.2020 by Ice Geek

YouTube has over one billion active users, which is almost 1/7th of this world’s population. As a YouTube channel owner, you should always be on the lookout to capture the attention of some of these viewers to grow your audience base.

However, getting views on your YouTube videos is only half the work done. You should know the top ways to acquire YouTube subscribers who would watch, share, and engage with your videos. With consistency in YouTube strategies, you could be the next happening YouTube star with a large number of subscribers.

But before delving into the smart strategies to acquire more subscribers, let’s find out the significance of YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Why is Getting YouTube Subscribers Important?

YouTube subscribers are important as they have preferred to see your videos among tons of other videos in their feed. Note that these are the loyal viewers who share your videos and spread the word about your skills.

Moreover, when someone subscribes to your channel, they would see your recently published videos in their feed. In simple words, you should think of YouTube subscribers as likes on Facebook or followers on Instagram.

These are the ones who are prioritizing your videos over other content available on YouTube. Also, if you are looking forward to monetizing your YouTube channel, then acquiring subscribers should be your go-to option. So now that you have realized the significance of subscribers, let’s discuss the smart strategies to get more subscribers.    

Add Watermark to your Videos

This is a nice little hack that works wonders in getting more subscribers. In case you don’t know, YouTube lets you add watermark, which could be depicted in all your videos. This is a great way for your viewers to subscribe to your channel. To do this, you should visit the branding page of YouTube to add a new watermark.

Be Innovative with a Pitch

You have to be innovative with the pitch of your video. What’s more, you should use this pitch in the intro, closing, and the about section. It is a trend among most YouTubers to end videos abruptly with a persuasive message asking for the viewers to subscribe. Ensure that your viewers can capture the essence of your channel in a way that gives them a reason to hit the subscribe button.

Increase your Video Uploading Frequency

To get more subscribers on your YouTube channel, you have to understand their way of thinking. The primary reason someone subscribes to a channel is that they love the publisher’s work. Also, they want to see more videos of the same genre.

Note that YouTube subscribers usually unsubscribe those channels which don’t produce regular content. Nowadays, people expect more and more entertainment. Thus you have to keep up with your subscriber’s demands. Always remember to upload your videos in a timely and structured manner.      

Differentiate your YouTube Channel with CTR-Optimized Titles

If you know how to distinguish yourself from others, you have won half the battle in acquiring YouTube subscribers. Consider giving your videos offbeat names so that they can readily attract the attention of viewers.

However, to get maximum benefits, you should emphasize on SEO. We often tend to forget that YouTube is also a search engine, much like Google. Hence, using keywords in the title and adding a description of the videos would help you get more subscribers.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, it would be best if you continued experimenting with camera angles and video thumbnails. Always remember that building something of value on YouTube takes a lot of time and effort. With the right strategies and patience, you would finally be successful in your bid to acquire more subscribers.