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How to make money on Instagram in 2020 part II

Published on 08.11.2019 by Lela

In the secoIt'sart of the guideline, we will talk about CPA marketing. It is a part of affiliate marketing, and definitely, most marketers adore the CPA industry. Unlike e-commerce, CPA could be a convenient and different system for every marketer.

Definition of CPA marketing

There is no exact definition for CPA marketing. It could be a simple process – CPA affiliate will be paid for action that users take with the offer. CPA offers are part of affiliate marketing. It's the most significant part of the affiliate industry, and most marketers are in love with it.

A person who is involved in CPA marketing as a publisher, we can call him/her an "affiliate." When an affiliate registers on CPA related platforms, they will get a unique tracking code. With the help of tracking code, you can understand whether your traffic source or CPA offer works.

CPA affiliate network

CPA marketing game includes three parts. First is a person called "affiliate" who will publish an offer and ask random people to take action towards offer. The second part is called "advertiser" – a person who created an offer to get a promotion. The third part is indeed a CPA affiliate network. CPA networks connect affiliates with advertisers who have offered. Keep in mind that network representatives will get some percentage (fixed or could be negotiated) from each action the user takes.

Different categories of CPA offers

CPA had different categories and offers. Each category is called "vertical.” So, we can get different verticals. Let's break down each vertical and understand better working options.

Mobile Apps

In 2020, mobile apps would be another hit. From 2017, we see that CPA networks get tons of mobile verticals. Everyone is already on a smartphone, and you should focus on mobile applications because there is the attention of billions of people.

Nutra is a vertical

If the CPA offer is related to weight loss, fitness, and health, then it's called NUTRA. CPA offers related to NUTRA are very profitable because of its focus on the evergreen industry.

Weight loss and health is an essential thing for millions of people. Some social networks have blocked NUTRA offers because of profitability. Still, if you focus on manual marketing on Instagram, you can promote NUTRA offers.

Sweepstakes – random offers for low profit

If you are a newbie in CPA marketing, then start with sweepstakes. This vertical includes random offers with a low-profit range. Most of the time, sweepstakes may relate to getting an email, phone number, credit card, or other simple tasks. If advertisers get an email, phone number, or additional desirable information, they will pay you money right away. Sweepstakes are the most comfortable CPA offer you can promote, but you'll be paid lower than usual. Sweepstakes may give you between $1-$3 for each successful action from the user.