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Proven tips for Linkedin Marketing in 2020

Published on 17.04.2020 by Lela

Linkedin is all about the business. Yes, marketers believe that Facebook is the best marketing tool that someone has ever created but Linkedin is a different space. Everyone on Linkedin understands that platform is about business, market, and jobs.

There are people (CEOs, CMOs, etc.) who are driving the economy of the world, giant corporations, etc. It’s important to have a marketing plan ready for Linkedin when you start offering a product or service. Let’s find out two proven tips that can help you with Linkedin marketing.

Content is the KING on Linkedin

Linkedin users love to share content. You should hire a group of people who will take care of Linkedin content. It’s very important to share case studies, proven methods or creative approaches of your industry. People who are in your industry will find your account easily as content can go viral. Be sure that content has the highest quality possible because owner/representative of the biggest corporation in your industry could be reading it and you may get a chance for b2b lead, don’t waste it.

Engage more on posts

Linkedin is all about sharing the latest approaches and achievements. People love sharing informative articles on Linkedin and you should be very active. Above we have mentioned the importance of content, but being engaged in other posts is also very important. Don’t forget that Linkedin is still the social platform, so you should be friendly and active to get attention from others. Engagement is very important especially when you are a newbie on the platform.