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Hashtag Game on Instagram Ultimate Guide

Published on 16.08.2019 by Crete

Did you know that Instagram posts with hashtags in it have 10% more engagement (exposure) than Instagram posts without hashtags? That’s the only data you need to understand believe that Instagram is better with Hashtag game.

We have been working with big brands, and all our campaigns include hashtags section. Never start a marketing campaign without hashtags research.

Why it’s so important to include Hashtags? Every marketer knows that you need a simple way to attract attention for social media users. Yes, you can create beautiful and attention-grabbing adverts, but it’s essential to use free marketing approach as well.

Every marketer knows that to get a successful campaign, you need everything to be ready. That’s why Hashtags game is essential and game-changing.

How to use Instagram hashtags for your business success?

There are tons of tools that can help you choose the right Instagram hashtags. We don’t want you to pay too much, so here is our secret formula for free. That’s how we helped million-dollar companies to get more “free” attention.

How to get laser-targeted hashtags?

Your competitor should be your primary source of hashtags. Start looking for your competitors – same niche, same industry, and the same type of content – that's a good explanation of competitor. That’s how you can find a real competitor.

You don’t need to find anything new; everything that’s working is already right in front. Just go and look for it. We always love exploring and observing businesses that previously succeeded in the same niche. That’s how we get a basic idea on what to work during the campaign.

Create a Google document (sheet) and start pasting all the data you get. Find ten main competitors in your niche and copy all their hashtags. Start observing those hashtags, which is most prevalent? Instagram gives you information quickly. You’ll see how many people post under those specific hashtags. That’s a perfect way to understand whether it’s worth or not.

What to do differently to stand out in competition?

We are going to share with you a compelling yet straightforward method on how to specify your hashtags. So, you should diversify hashtags game. What does it mean? Well, it’s comfortable yet essential.

  • 1st step – get three hashtags that have more than 1 million results. It’s unlikely to get on top “9” results on huge hashtags, but it’s essential to include those hashtags anyways.
  • 2nd step – get five hashtags that have between 100,000 – 1,000,000 results. The real hashtags game starts here. With these hashtags, you have high chances to get on top or even get explored by thousands of people for free.
  • 3rd step– get six hashtags with between 10,000 - 100,000 results. If you want to get Instagram Followers hashtags game done right, follow our plan.
  • 4th step – get six hashtags under 10,000 results. That’s important because you get real attention from the very laser-targeted audience. Those people who are under 10,000 results, know that niche very well. That’s where you should focus all your free resources.

We have shared with you our secret formula. It’s up to you – if you genuinely want to get Instagram Followers hashtags that you need to analyze everything. Get Instagram Followers hashtags from your competitors and follow our ready-made recipe – success will come.