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How to Connect Facebook to Instagram

Published on 19.05.2023 by Sofia N

You've heard it's possible to connect Facebook and Instagram: the two most popular social media platforms in the world. But how do you actually do it? It can seem tricky, but connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts is simpler than you think. Let us teach you how to link up your Facebook and Instagram profiles so you can share content, interact with friends and family, and boost your online presence. In a few simple steps, we'll walk you through the process of linking up these two powerful networks. 

How to Link Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

To get started, open up the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. From there, tap on the settings icon (the three horizontal lines in the top right corner). Once inside your settings page, scroll down until you see “Linked Accounts”. Tap on this option, followed by "Facebook" and then follow the prompts that appear. You'll be asked to enter your Facebook credentials (username and password) which will then link both accounts together. Now that your accounts are connected, you can easily share your Instagram posts directly to Facebook with just one click! This is a great way to get more visibility for your content and reach even more potential followers.

Why You Should Link Your Accounts

It's no secret that connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts offers a lot of advantages. For starters, it's a way to expand your audience reach and increase engagement on both platforms. It also provides more direct access to customers, as well as an easy way to update both accounts at once with one post. However, there are more reasons to link your accounts beyond the basics.

  • First, if you use both platforms for business purposes, linking your accounts is an easy way to promote across both platforms. You can share posts from one platform directly to the other in just a few clicks, giving you more opportunities for engagement and helping drive traffic from both sources.
  • Second, linking your accounts makes it easier for customers who may be looking for you on one platform but not the other. By ensuring that your two accounts are connected, users can find out about each other's content much easier than before and increase the chances of engaging with your brand on social media.
  • Connecting these two powerful networks, you can get detailed insights into how users are engaging with your content across all platforms. This kind of data is invaluable when it comes to marketing and understanding customer behavior—so linking up can be a major boon for any business owner!

Setting Up a Linked Account

This is actually a pretty easy process—all you need to do is link your accounts. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into Facebook

First, log into your Facebook account and go to the settings page.

Step 2: Go to Your Facebook Settings Page

On the settings page, select “Settings & Privacy”, then “Settings”. Then, scroll down and click on “Apps and Websites” in the left-hand menu. Here you can manage all the apps and websites connected to your Facebook account.

Step 3: Connect Instagram to Your Account

Under the “Logged in with Facebook” section, select ‘Connect Instagram’. You will be prompted to enter your Instagram username and password in order to link it up with your Facebook profile. After that, you can control what information is shared between the two accounts (such as profile pictures, friend lists, etc.)

Step 4: Verify Your Accounts

Once you have linked your accounts make sure to verify them by visiting each one separately. You should now be able to post content from either platform and have it be seen on both!

How to Manage Multiple Pages, Groups and Ads Across Platforms

Managing multiple platforms can be complicated if you're not an expert. But if you're connecting your Facebook to Instagram, know that it's much easier than you think. Plus, connecting your two accounts makes it easier for you to access and manage multiple pages, groups and ads across both platforms.

Here are the steps:

  • Log into your Facebook account and open the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Select 'Business Settings' from the menu bar on the left side of the page.
  • Click 'Accounts'.
  • Click 'Add.'
  • Select 'Instagram account.'
  • Enter your Instagram username, password and email address in the fields provided
  • Click 'Connect Account'
  • If needed, select a Facebook Page to connect to this Instagram account
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Review all details and click 'Confirm.'

And there you have it—Facebook connected to your Instagram account! Now managing those multiples pages, groups and ads couldn't be simpler: they’re all in one place!

Tips for Crafting Compelling Cross-Platform Content

When it comes to crafting compelling content across your Facebook and Instagram profiles, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Consistent Branding

When creating content for both platforms, make sure you’re using consistent branding across the board. This means same fonts and colors, similar imagery, and a unified voice for all your posts. Establishing a strong brand identity is essential for delivering a great experience to your customers no matter what platform they’re on.

Focus on Quality

Make sure that whatever content you post is high-quality and of value to your followers—no matter what platform it’s from. Quality posts on both platforms will make it easier for the followers who span both channels to recognize (and reward) your brand.

Engage Your Audience

Engagement with your followers is key—on both platforms! Make sure to never let comments or messages go unanswered. Responding to comments or messages in real-time will show them that their voices are heard and appreciated. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask questions or start conversations with your followers—this will help build relationships and ensure everyone knows they are valued by you.

How to Analyze Your Reach on Social Media

You might be noticing the massive potential power of linking Facebook and Instagram. It will help you to analyze your social media reach in easy and creative ways. For example, you can use the analysis tools available on both platforms to measure your success. On Facebook, you’ll be able to see the Likes, comments, and shares your posts receive, while on Instagram you’ll be able to track engagements such as Reposts, hashtag usage, mentions, and followers. By connecting the two accounts together with a click of a button you will have access to better analytics.

Once connected and analyzed, this data can help shape the future of your brand's marketing efforts – for example, by informing your target audience about what type of content resonates more with them. With this newfound knowledge in hand you’re able to more effectively reach any potential customers. Therefore, through integration it is possible for businesses to gain insights on how their campaigns are performing across multiple platforms — critical for measurement and optimization efforts — helping them make better decisions about their marketing strategy in order to maximize ROI.

Social Media Scheduling Tools for Posting Across Platforms

You may not know it, but there are social media scheduling tools in the market that make posting across different platforms easy. Take for example, tools that help ensure your posts reach the right audience, at the right time. By connecting all your channels together, you can save yourself time and effort and post to all connected accounts in one simple step. Here are some of the benefits of these social media scheduling tools:

  • Post content to all connected accounts at once
  • Schedule multiple posts in advance
  • Track analytics across multiple platforms with ease
  • Quickly adjust content for different audiences on each network
  • Find new followers more easily by increasing post visibility across platforms
  • Set up automated posting for consistent updates without you having to manually do anything

Using a social media scheduling tool for cross-platform posting allows you to stay ahead of the game and get ahead of your competition. You’ll be able to save time and maximize your efforts while still providing quality content to engage your followers.

Troubleshooting Tips for Connecting

If you're having trouble connecting Facebook and Instagram, here are some troubleshooting tips that might help.

  • Double-check Your Credentials: Always make sure that your credentials are up to date. Double-check that you've entered the correct username, email address, and password for both accounts.
  • Check Your Security Settings: Make sure both of your accounts have the same security settings. You need to enable “third-party applications” in order for the Facebook and Instagram accounts to connect successfully.
  • Try a Different Web Browser: It's possible that the connection is being blocked by your current browser. Try using a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox and see if it works better.
  • Delete and Reinstall the App: If all else fails, delete and reinstall both apps on your device, then try connecting them again. This can sometimes do the trick!

Just remember—troubleshooting these issues can take time and patience, but it's worth it when you can finally manage both accounts seamlessly from one spot.


You probably have some questions about linking your Facebook account to Instagram. No problem, we got you covered! Let's run through the most common questions about connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Do I need a Facebook account to use Instagram?

No, you do not need a Facebook account to sign up for or use Instagram. You can create a new Instagram account without any affiliation to Facebook.

Can I link more than one Facebook page to the same Instagram account?

No, each Instagram account can only be linked to one Facebook page or profile at a time.

Can I link my personal profile and business page without creating a separate Instagram profile?

Yes, you can easily switch between posting to your profile, page or group on both platforms by selecting the audience before you post.

How do I disconnect my accounts?

To disconnect your accounts, simply head to the settings page on either platform, select "linked accounts" and unlink them there.


Connecting your Facebook account to your Instagram account is quick and easy. Whether you're setting up a business page, or just want to cross-promote between the two platforms, having the two accounts linked is a great way to save time. Taking the time to connect your accounts will allow you to share content from one platform to the other, as well as access additional insights about your followers and how they interact with your posts. So, if you’re ready to reap the benefits of having a linked Facebook and Instagram, get started today and make sure your content is seen by the widest possible audience!