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Meta bans up to 9000 accounts on all platforms

Published on 04.09.2023 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Meta had an exciting announcement three days ago. The company representatives mentioned that they started an investigation in 2019. The last four years have shown that Chinese spam networks have extensive access to the Canadian, Australian and US markets per company representatives. That's why Meta banned more than 9000 accounts.


Closing 9000 accounts due to Chinese spam network

Company representatives mentioned that spam accounts aimed to publish fake news against AU, CAN and US political views. Accounts were posted in the groups and public pages to change the minds of Meta users with fake information. That's why we are fighting against fake posts and spam accounts. Officially, we know that spam accounts spend up to 4,000 Euros advertising fake news.

What is “Spamouflage”

Spamouflage refers to a Chinese online disinformation campaign and propaganda operation. It aims to promote Chinese state narratives and boost China's image on various social media platforms. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, recently took action against nearly 9,000 accounts associated with the Spamouflage network, shutting them down to combat foreign influence.


Meta's partnership with US, AU, CAN and EU police systems

Meta is doing so-called "Spamouflage" every month. They start investigations to go against political spam throughout their networks. Facebook, Instagram, Threads and other platforms run by Zuckerberg's company are working hard towards Spamouflage. The move is aimed at curbing foreign influence and preventing the spread of disinformation.

Additionally, Meta has been actively removing fake accounts and banning fraudulent websites connected to Russian influence operations. They have recognized these accounts' threat and are working to combat it.

This is not the first time Meta has taken action against accounts for political reasons. In the past, they banned hundreds of Facebook and Instagram accounts associated with the far-right extremist group Proud Boys.

Meta's efforts to ban accounts due to bot activity and political views indicate their commitment to maintaining the integrity of their platforms and preventing the manipulation of public opinion. By taking these measures, they aim to create a safer and more authentic online environment for users.