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Instagram Marketing Tips to Actually Grow Your Brand

Published on 16.08.2020 by Natia

With its more than a Billion monthly active users, Instagram provides a perfect marketing platform for reaching potential customers all over the world. For better Instagram Marketing, you should increase the number of your followers consistently. A larger audience means more people you reach with your posts. Some free and simple tips can help you actually to grow your brand. 


Free Instagram Tools

As you know, business Instagram profiles have contact options and access to Insights that give you impression and engagement data. Understanding how your audience interacts with your posts will help you make better adjustments to improve your engagement.


Don’t overwhelm your Followers.

You should post often enough in order to keep your brand relevant but not so frequently that overwhelm your audience. If you are always in their face, they will just end up following you. You should observe and find out how your followers respond. Try to post twice a day at different times of the day. Change times several times and pay attention to the engagement. It will help you understand when your followers are engaged the most. Once you find the answer, you can keep posting in the selected period.


Interactive Hashtags

An interactive hashtag is an excellent way of creating instant engagement. For this, you need to create a hashtag that your customers should use to tag their photos with the products related to your brand. Whenever someone uses your hashtag for their posts, all of their followers are exposed to your brand and products