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How to get Thread followers in a very easy way

Published on 22.04.2024 by Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Threads is establishing itself as a permanent fixture in the social media landscape. After a remarkable launch, Threads is proving it is not a passing trend but a significant player among other major platforms.

Threads, operated by Instagram, now boasts an estimated 160 million monthly active users, with numbers continuing to grow. This is roughly a third of X's (formerly Twitter) monthly active users, which stands at about 550 million. Notably, X has a 16-year head start over Threads.

Although Threads has a design similar to X, its supporters highlight its focus on fostering a community. It introduces a unique tagging system, combining elements of hashtags and subreddits, which, along with other innovative features, has fueled its rapid growth. And there's more on the way.

SocialWick users also appreciate the platform. One of the most requested features is the ability to buy followers on Threads through SocialWick. The SocialWick team worked on it, and here we are with the top-tier level of service for Meta Threads. So, now we have easy strategies to replicate and get Threads followers.



Cross-channel promotion for Threads

When you first set up a Threads account, it's unlikely you'll start from scratch with zero followers. Instagram notifies your followers who already use Threads when you join, prompting them to follow you. 

Threads integrates seamlessly with Instagram, allowing you to share content across both platforms with ease. By tapping the paper plane icon under any of your Threads posts, you can share them directly to your Instagram Stories or even your Instagram feed. This cross-posting feature is excellent for building your audience on Threads.

When you share a thread to Instagram, it will be displayed over a background unique to Threads. However, note that any media content you add to the thread won't be automatically included as a regular Instagram feed post. If you want to drive traffic from Instagram to Threads, sharing through Stories is an effective approach. Tapping on the thread in an Instagram Story will lead your followers directly to your Threads profile.


Find your niche on Threads

After identifying the niches you want to focus on, you can start leveraging tags. Threads tags are similar to hashtags but with a unique twist. Unlike other platforms, where hashtags act as search filters, Threads tags function more like thematic groups. According to Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri, the intent behind this design was to create a space that encourages meaningful conversations.

The concept appears to be working well. Tags on Threads provide a great opportunity to connect with others who share your interests, which can ultimately help increase your following.

The Threads users find tags instrumental in connecting with like-minded people. Using tags allows users to engage with others who have similar interests. Be more selective with who you follow on Threads compared to other platforms.


Publish text and photo based posts

Video content typically dominates on most social platforms, attracting the most attention and interaction. However, Threads seems to be an exception. Feed there is notably light on video content. We have tried sharing videos repurposed from Instagram, yet the response has been lukewarm compared to text-only posts.

You may see people share Reels-style videos occasionally, but they're rare in the feed, indicating they might not be reaching a wide audience. Nevertheless, posts featuring images tend to fare better. Good engagement on posts that include a photo. So, you need to focus on text-only content (it's simpler, especially when posting frequently), with a  mix in photos when possible.


Threads profile needs Niche optimization 

Optimizing your profile on the Threads app involves a few key steps. Start with a clear and recognizable profile picture, ideally the same one you use on Instagram, to maintain consistency. Craft a concise bio that communicates your personality and interests while hinting at the content you plan to share. Include relevant keywords or tags in your bio to help users with similar interests find you. Link to your other social media accounts or websites to connect all your platforms. Finally, engage with others by commenting and sharing, which can lead to more followers and broader reach.


Content to gain more followers on Threads

To attract more followers on the Threads app, focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience. Begin with text-based posts that spark conversation, using catchy, thought-provoking statements or questions. The goal is to encourage responses, allowing you to engage with your audience and build a sense of community.

Visual content can also be effective. Share behind-the-scenes photos or infographics that provide insights into your daily life or work processes. These types of images help humanize your profile and can attract more interest.

Storytelling is key to creating engaging content. Share personal experiences or interesting anecdotes, providing a unique perspective that sets you apart. This approach makes your content relatable and memorable.

To maintain engagement, post consistently but avoid spamming. Offer valuable content that educates, entertains, or inspires, ensuring your followers look forward to each new post. Finally, leverage relevant tags to increase discoverability and participate in trending discussions to reach a broader audience.