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Instagram Marketing Definitive Guide 2019 Update 1

Published on 20.06.2019 by Julia

In 2019, Instagram turns nine years old. That's a pretty significant number for the social network. And you know that Instagram stands still for years. After a year of creation, Facebook bought it for one billion dollars. Yes, people were amazed by the prize money Facebook paid, but they were right. Instagram soon became a trend, and now it has 800 million monthly active users who are ready to post, engage, and message each other on Instagram platform.

Marketing trends evolved and transformed with the help of Instagram. As in many people, this social network gives you the chance to feel more powerful and trendy. We are giving you a definitive guide about Instagram marketing to level up your marketing efforts.

1. Types of Instagram Accounts.

Instagram accounts could be in two different types. First is a regular account that you can register anytime. Another one is related to business. You can get data about your followers and engaged users only from the Instagram business account. So, if you want to dive deep into Instagram marketing truly, then you should transform regular account into a Business one.

Keep in mind that data will be vital for your marketing success. So, let it open business account now, and you are halfway there.

2. Profile Picture says a lot.

If you need to attract the attention of random people on Instagram, then you should have a serious Instagram account. When we say "serious," we mean everything related to that term. First of all, you should have a personal/business logo on the profile picture. Keep in mind that it will say a lot about your account.

For example, if you buy 20000 Instagram followers, those users need to be converted into real buyers. What they look at first? Of course, on your Instagram profile picture and BIO. If you have an unattractive profile picture, then you won't get much exposure. So, first, create a serious and attractive profile picture for your Instagram and then set it up to attract people.

3. Type of Instagram posts

We would love to define all types of posts on Instagram and how to take advantage of each one.

3.1. Photos - Simple way to attract new followers/buyers. So, you can post inspiring quotes, original pictures, or simple images that can attract attention. It's the most traditional way to gain new followers. But over time, Instagram gave us a chance to evolve and improve our way of promoting products/services.

3.2. Videos - Everyone who does online marketing would say that Video is a better idea that image. Of course, you can influence and confidently convert regular followers into buyers with Video marketing.

3.3. Reposting (images/videos)- Download the official repost application from Instagram and start reposting. Try to involve your account in hot debates and controversial topics. For example, in the last few days, 50 Cents became a trend because he started dissing lots of artists and people loved that. If you want to attract attention from those people, then you should begin reposting this kind of posts with the same hashtags and ask people for their opinions.  You can't find a better option with simple and easy marketing efforts.