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How to find top performing niches in 2021

Published on 07.02.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Getting into the top-performing industry in 2021 is vital. Competition in the online world is growing every single day. Pandemic and economic recession is a big hit for the world, so people try to focus more on digital stuff. That's why competition grew a lot during 2020, and it's growing in 2021 too. If you are just starting with the digital business world, this article is for you. Welcome to our website and let us give you some essential tips on finding top-performing niches.


How to find a niche with few easy steps.

Do you want to enter the eCommerce industry? Maybe you would love to join an affiliate space? Well, there is a big difference when it comes to the affiliate and e-commerce world. First of all, e-commerce could be lucrative and more profitable than affiliate space. On the other hand, affiliate space is straightforward to start because you are promoting other products/service, so you don't have to think about customer service, shipping time, payment processing systems, etc.


Pros of e-commerce niches

  • You can get big profits on each sale

  • You can control the demand

  • Add 'shipping price' anytime to the product and get more profits

  • You build an actual brand that lasts for too long

  • LTV (long-term value) is a crucial factor when it comes to e-commerce


Pros of affiliate niches

  • You don't think about customer service

  • You don't think about the returns

  • You don't think about the payment processing systems

  • You don't think about the shipping times/issues

  • You write a review of the product(s), drive traffic and profit - easy as that


If you want to step into the e-commerce niche, then Aliexpress (for shipping from China) or Walmart (for shipping from the USA) has to be your first go-to platform. We would love to advise you to start shipping from the USA. If you want to sell products in the USA, it's better to focus on US-based suppliers. Keep in mind that there is a trade war between China and the USA. Freshly-elected president Joe Biden will not give up quickly, so trade-war will continue for a minimum of a few months. Shipping from the Chinese suppliers will take a minimum of 2 weeks to deliver to a USA customer, and it's awful. Amazon is offering 2-days delivery (or even one day's delivery by the 'PRIME' service), so you can't compete with Amazon sellers if you have a slow shipping system (check the image below - most of the Chinese suppliers ask for a minimum three weeks to deliver to the USA).

When you follow our advice, you can end up on Walmart's platform. Click on "All Departments", and the platform will open hundreds of micro and macro departments. Firstly, you've to choose the big industry (and then go for macro-niche) (check the image below - you'll see hundreds of micro-niches offered by Walmart)


Big industries in e-commerce niche:

  • Electronics & Office

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • Home, Furniture & Appliances

  • Toys, Games, and Video Games

  • Home Improvement

  • Movies, Music & Books

  • Baby products

  • Patio & Garden

  • Food, Household & Pets

  • Pharmacy, Health & Personal Care

  • Beauty products

  • Sport, Fitness and outdoors


When you browse the big niches, you'll see that Walmart offers you macro-niches in every big industry. First of all, decide what's your favourite space and what will be the industry that won't be boring for you. 

For this case, let's take an example. We can go for the 'home improvement' niche and choose the following macro-industry - air quality products. Then check the category "air quality' and "heurēka" - we found micro-niche and hundreds of products in that space (check the image below - you'll see macro-categories of "Air quality products" and if you click on those categories, you'll find hundreds of products there).