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What can you sell on YouTube channel

Published on 01.10.2019 by Lela

If you are a business owner, then YouTube is a perfect place to sell stuff. YouTube was not created to sell things; its biggest search engine and everyone’s attention is on YouTube. So, colossal traffic (billion monthly users) makes YouTube the most desirable place to start selling your products or services.

You can sell everything

On biggest video engine, you can sell everything. Started from course on how to make money, finished with a fidget spinner. YouTube is very popular in the gaming industry; millions of people watch live streams on YouTube. So, it's also a good idea to sell gaming related products on YouTube.

Create your product

If you decide to stick with YouTube, then it’s better to sell your product/service. It means that people love original products. For example, every YouTuber in the online business niche sells course where you can replicate their success and learn how to create an online business from scratch. And every one of them is thriving while selling courses because it works. There are no hidden secrets; everything that is simple and original sells better.

What’s your niche? For example, if you are in the real estate industry, then create an online course about real estate business. How to sell more courses? Slot down each path and let them choose the suitable one. As a real estate influencer, you can have different direction such as: How to become a better negotiator, how to find valuable houses to get more profit, etc.

Charging 4 digits for mastermind

You can start with mastermind. It’s mostly in the business industry where you can charge for the mastermind. If you are a big influencer in a business niche on YouTube, it would be easier to get people for the mastermind. Also, you can start with free mastermind and capture each second of it. Then upload the whole video on YouTube and show people what they can get from the mastermind.

Mastermind is a perfect way to charge people four digits for a single event. There are few options – you can have a one-day event or a few days long mastermind. It’s all about the value you can deliver to people attending mastermind. If you are going to share inside tips for the specific business industry, then it will be suitable to get few days mastermind. You can charge a lot more when hosting a few days mastermind as you can include various offers.