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Definitive guide to Facebook marketing in CPA industry PART I

Published on 13.12.2019 by Natia

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry growing every year. Most online businesses are successful because of affiliates who have tried best to promote the business offers. Affiliate marketing itself has many sectors where you can focus your energy and build a sustainable business.

What’s CPA marketing?

Have you heard about the CPA before? It’s an abbreviation and stands for Cost per Action. If you have already heard something about CPA marketing, then you may know that the CPA platform is the second biggest business model in WWW after e-commerce.

CPA marketing is the best option for any online marketer. Most of the newbies jump in right away even before they understand the basics of this industry. Not knowing the basics will lead to unsuccessful marketing campaigns. Only looking at successful examples and big payouts won’t give you sustainable business.

Basics of CPA Marketing

Do we have a perfect definition of CPA marketing? Well, there is no simple definition, but we will try best to cover all, including parts of this business model. CPA is simply the process when an affiliate is being paid for action the user is taking. Affiliate will get money after the user takes action. Taking action could be something like leaving an email address, verifying email addresses, sending phone codes, downloading particular applications on the phone, etc.

What’s the primary goal of affiliate in the CPA industry?

If you want to be a successful affiliate in the CPA sector, then you should take two things into account. First, you need to build a sustainable source of traffic. It’s essential to have a stable traffic source anytime you wish. Secondly, affiliates need to explain the details of the offer to users. For example, the offer could be related to downloading specific applications. If the user is not downloading the app, the affiliate won’t be paid. So, every affiliate needs to explain the whole scenario in detail to get maximum results.

Types of CPA offers

There are different types of CPA offers. We have mentioned the word “action,” so you should know that action could mean different things in the online affiliate market. We will cover the most popular types of CPA offers in 2020.

CPL – it’s the easiest “action” user can take. CPL is the abbreviation and stands for Cost per Lead. As we have mentioned above, lead could mean email signup, phone number signup, pin submit, etc.

CPI – Cost per Install is also another popular CPA offer. Along with the rise of Mobile gaming, CPI became popular. Today we see that the online gaming sector is a billion-dollar industry, and every application needs promotion. CPI is the easiest way to promote app (android/IOS) and get higher ranks in the Apple Store or Android Play store.

CPS – When users buy something from your referral link, you get a commission. Cost per Sale is the higher level of CPA offers. If you are starting, then CPS is not the right type of offers for you. It’s better to go for CPL as it will give you more freedom and fast payouts for simple actions.