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Definitive Guide to Facebook Affiliate Marketing Part III

Published on 01.01.2020 by Natia

There are two types of networks in this business industry. You should choose one of them carefully.

1st type of affiliate network is indeed the system where you can see many niches. Platforms like Maxbounty, AdCombo, and Click bank – include many offers in various categories. You can choose any offer from any niche: self-improvement, products for pets, teaching online businesses, etc.

2nd type of affiliate network is very private. Some enterprises have their platform where you can register and promote a particular business product. For example, Beachbody is a top-rated company in the fitness industry. The company offers a broad variety of fitness programs (home or gym based). Beachbody has a private affiliate network where you get exclusive right to promote Beachbody products and get a commission from each sale.

Driving traffic to right offer

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as we have already mentioned above. When you choose the right offer and network, now you need the traffic. We will talk about the landing page in the following guidelines, so before that, we focus on traffic.

When you have a website and offers, no one knows about your situation. Take a look at this scenario – Steve Jobs came up with an idea of the iPhone, and he thought it was something magical. Without marketing, he won’t be able to get attention from people (traffic in our scenario). So, after you have an offer, it’s time to show off your marketing skills to drive traffic to your offer.

How to drive traffic to your offer

There are many sources of traffic. WWW is full of traffic sources, but you have to look for the right one for your offer. Affiliate can drive traffic from social networks, news websites, blogs, search engines, etc. We will cover two leading platforms in online space to drive traffic from. Before we head to uncovering the two best platforms, let’s learn the basics of traffic.

Before you even head to any platform for traffic, keep critical points in mind. We will review all key points every super affiliate pays attention to before buying or driving traffic.

  • What’s the cost of traffic

  • Amount of traffic is available on the platform

  • Platforms own regulations, restrictions, and rules

  • Quality of traffic from a particular source

  • What are the options of targeting available