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Definitive guide to Facebook marketing in CPA industry PART III

Published on 22.12.2019 by Natia

You can try every monetization option for your website. You can start with AdSense and go on upper-level options. You'll soon understand that there is no better monetization option than a CPA offer. Why is CPA offer so attractive for everyone – affiliate and website visitor? Well, CPA offers are mostly digital stuff. The digital product makes the CPA offer easily digestible.

There are two key reasons why the CPA offer could be better than any other monetization option. AdSense, Amazon affiliate, regular banners, and other general affiliate offers are on the lower value chain. You should always look for an offer that can give you higher chain value. If we go case by case, in every scenario, AdSense, Amazon affiliate, and other affiliate offers will pay you less than you may get with CPA offers. Don't forget that we are talking about the same amount and quality of traffic.

CPA offers also tend to be attractive, and you can place them on any landing page easily. When it comes to visual beauty and attractiveness, CPA offers will give you higher CTR. You don't' need to place ugly AdSense banners or Amazon's code.

What's the best traffic source for CPA offers?

If you have a big following on any social network, then start with it. For example, if you have a good number of followers on Pinterest, start with Pinterest traffic, and test the waters on different platforms slowly.

When you don't have followers and want to buy traffic, then Facebook is the best option in 2019. Facebook Ad Manager (business manager) platform is the most advanced system for every marketer. Yes, it's sophisticated, but with the help of tens of features, you can target the exact consumer.

What should you take into account before attempting to Facebook Advertising?

First of all, every marketer starts small on Facebook. Facebook is the most significant social network, and it’s ad platform is advanced. Not everyone can understand every feature of the Facebook Ad system. So, start small and create your daily budget.

Be ready for Facebook bans. You are using Facebook's data, and you should be prepared for account deactivations. Every super affiliate knows that Facebook may give you a ban without any notice. Best way to avoid a drop in business is to buy high-quality accounts.