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Definitive Guide to Facebook Affiliate Marketing Part IV

Published on 02.01.2020 by Natia

Cost of traffic

If you are a media buyer, then you should look for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Pinterest, and other platforms for traffic. Those websites get most of the visitors throughout the whole WWW. So, you need to understand the cost of traffic before starting anything. What will be the cost of Facebook traffic or YouTube regarding your offer? Find out the facts and then head to the actual marketing

Amount of traffic available on the platform

Every platform has its limits. Facebook is yet the most significant social network with billions of visitors per month, and actually, no business or offer can get limit on Facebook. On the other hand, other available options could be in limit. For example, a particular network for media buying could be in the limit of traffic for a specific offer.

Regulations and rules

You’ll see many rules and regulations on every platform available online. Just like the traffic, Facebook and Google are dominants here. Both networks have stringent rules, and every affiliate should follow; otherwise, their account may be blocked.

Quality of traffic

When you get the offer, start thinking about the quality of traffic. Don’t forget to check the rules of the advertiser or affiliate network itself. They have some rules that may restrict you from buying Twitter ads or email marketing, etc.

So, first, you should read the rules delivered by the affiliate network or advertiser and find out what type of quality traffic they want. Then you can head to the first campaign.

The option of targeting on each platform

There are many media selling platforms focused only on 3rd tier countries. Just like that, we have platforms where you can buy traffic for any tier GEOs, or you can be limited to any particular GEO. Just like other options, you should find out targeting options before heading to the first campaign.

Best platforms for traffic

Today we are going to focus only on the most prominent platforms in WWW. Those websites get most of the internet users every month, so you should focus on those sources at first.

Advertising on Facebook

We will provide you with the basics of Facebook Ads as of now. You'll be able to get an in-depth guideline, especially about Facebook, in the next few days.

First of all, we ask a question like this – why Facebook ads? Well, Mark's founded company is the fourth most valuable brand around the globe. The value of Facebook is up to 98 Billion dollars. According to the latest data, there are more than 2.3 billion active Facebook users every month. You have a chance to target the online community almost twice as big as the population of India or China.

Facebook Advertising platform – It's the most advanced advertising platform humankind has ever created. Facebook ads manager (or so-called "business manager") has every possible feature you are looking for. With the latest and advanced features of the platform, you can target the most suitable audience for affiliate offers. For example, it's easy to target vegan moms who love dogs. You can even break down the target audience into the age group and focus on a specific age limit.

With the help of Facebook ad manager, you can advertise on Facebook (social network), Instagram (social network) and Messenger (Messaging application)

Advertising on Google

Google is one of the biggest brands around the globe. The value of Google is up to 790 billion dollars. Keep in mind that Google receives more than 60 000 searches per second. The company has a 90% market share in the search engine industry.

Along with Facebook, advertising on Google is the best decision. To be more specific, advertising on Google via Adwords is indeed a life-changing moment for any business. Just like the Facebook AD platform, Adwords has hundreds of amazing features.

Keep in mind that Google Adwords has an algorithm just like an auction. Unlike regular auctions, on Adwords, your adverts relevancy score and quality is the main thing. If your campaign is satisfying both of those options, then campaigns will be visible higher with decent PPC. Google Adwords was the first that introduced us with Pay per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

With the help of Adwords, you can advertise on Google (search engine), YouTube (Video engine – video ads), and third-party websites (a website that displays ads via Adsense).