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How to monetize Youtube Videos on Channel Part II

Published on 20.09.2019 by Luka

In the first part of the guideline, we talked about YouTube Adsense. Every newbie who does not know anything about online marketing should go for Adsense. It’s the most straightforward system you’ll ever see, and in all honesty, it’s the easiest way to start marking money.

Is it worth to invest time for Adsense monetization?

If you are investing a lot of time in content creation and rely only on Adsense, it’s not right. I’ve mentioned above that Adsense is indeed the easiest way to start making money but think about the time and energy you put into the video creation. If you are dedicating too much power, then try a different category. So, when it comes to Adsense, you can’t make too much money. There are other options where you can make four and five figures per month.

Monetization with Affiliate offers

It’s not easy to monetize the video. There are lots of suggestions, verticals, etc. and you may get lost. That’s why you should reviews about each option beforehand. What’s an affiliate offer? It’s a simple scenario – someone has product/service, and you are promoting it. What can you get from the promotion? Significant % from each sale or fixed payment. It depends on the offer and vendor. If the company is happy to offer you % from each sale, then go for that route. Otherwise, you can find offers at a fixed rate.

Amazon Affiliate industry

The most popular sector is real, Amazon Affiliate. Does Amazon, trillion Dollar Company need affiliates? Well, Jeff Bezos does not require a branch. It’s a system created for you to make extra money. That way, everyone is happy – Amazon, customer, and you (affiliate), so why not?

Little issue with Amazon affiliate is that the company is paying a meager percentage for each sale. It’s because Amazon is widely known with up to billion monthly customers ready to buy on the platform. So, the rate from each is low, but people trust Amazon. Trust is the main thing – you may get more money with that small percentage rather than with not trusted high paying affiliate system.

Other affiliate networks

There are lots of affiliate networks in the industry. You don’t need to focus only on Amazon. For example, Maxbounty and Clickbank are perfect examples of successful networks. , they have thousands of offers in the system, and you can start promoting anytime. Maxbounty is an ideal tough when it comes to joining the network because they will have an interview with you before approving the account. So, if you are not advanced marketed, they may deny your application.

On the other hand, Clickbank is an easy way to search for offers. You can join a network in just 5 minutes and start promoting right away. Clickbank has offers from every category – weight loss, psychology, auto, animals, etc.