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YouTube V Instagram influencer market

Published on 01.11.2019 by Lela

We have the three most prominent social platforms currently. First is indeed Facebook, and the stats show that nothing can compare to Mark's company. If you look down at charts, then we will see that Instagram and YouTube are the next big platforms. Today we will compare YouTube and Instagram with crucial facts, statistics, and better options to advertise on each platform.

Instagram key facts

Facebook bought Instagram six years ago for one billion dollars. Instagram was a few months old when Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy a social platform. People were amazed by that move but fast-forward in today's world, and we know that it was a very successful step from Facebook officials.

Instagram is an attention-captivating platform. So, every advertiser is very keen on Instagram marketing campaigns. Let's take a look at key facts about Instagram.

Till 2019, the Instagram statement noted that there were more than 14.5 million sponsored posts. As of now, Instagram influencer market is a one billion dollar industry.

Instagram officials also note that millions of Instagram users are making money through the influencer's market. Each of them is making money from each sponsored post. Instagram officials noted that big influencers might quote up to 3 000 USD for each sponsored post.

Pro tip – keep in mind that 3 000 could be a higher threshold. You may also see influencers who charge a minimum $10 for each sponsored post;

YouTube key facts

According to the latest survey, more than 40% of the US population thinks that favorite YouTuber understands them better than friends. It's a critical stat for marketers – trust between viewer and influencer could be vital for your product/service success.

On average, YouTubers with 1-3 million subscribers may charge up to $125 000 per sponsored post.

How to choose the relevant and suitable option

When it comes to marketing products or services, it's vital to select the appropriate platform. Now let's break down reasons which you should follow before attempting to any of those options.

Relevance – Influencer should be very relevant to your potential customer. Now think about the ideal customer – someone who will be happy to engage and buy your service/product. As you know, the perfect customer, then you should find a relevant influencer on YouTube or Instagram that have thousands of followers like your ideal buyer.

Reach – Another big tip should be reached. If you choose YouTube or Instagram influencer, ask for daily and weekly analytics. You need real analytics to find whether they have significant reach in a particular industry.