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Youtube promotion for brand new accounts Part 1

Published on 20.07.2019 by James

Do you know that the video market is growing every year? YouTube is the biggest platform for video marketing. Yes, Facebook and Instagram (both are from the same companies) are trying their best to get the new feature as video market, but YouTube is still the best.

Today we will talk about YouTube marketing. We have asked real professionals to give us accurate insider tips about YouTube, video marketing, and getting paid from for your content.

Do you know that every minute on YouTube, people upload 300 hours of videos? Mostly YouTube is popular between this range of age - 12/50. That's a massive opportunity for everyone who wants to explore new niches and start doing the extra hustle.

Create a brand account on YouTube.

First of all, what's your niche? Do you have a passion for your niche? It's essential to choose a category which you understand fully. 

Decide the core approach for your channel. For example, if you are in a football niche, then take a look at football channels. What will be your exact approach and specific sign? Do you want to upload football highlights? Maybe you want to teach people how to play football or explain the strategies of prominent football clubs? Every niche has thousands of sub-niches. Don't worry; YouTube is the biggest platform, so there is a place for every sub-niche.

When we say "brand," we mean your sub-niche name. If you are a professional in football strategies, then name your channel as "Intellectual Football" or something like that.

Customize your profile

You need a professional YouTube logo and intro. Create a 1-minute video explaining your YouTube brand channel. It boosts your professionalism and trust from new viewers. Take part in a professional photo shoot. If you take a serious approach to YouTube, then you can convert new viewers into subscribers and long-time fans.

Second biggest search engine - YouTube

As you know, WWW has the biggest search engine called Google. YouTube itself is the second biggest search engine. As for the video market, YouTube is indeed the biggest one. So, the platform has its algorithm, and that's how people explore new videos. For example, "Selena Gomez meets with fans" has thousands of searches on YouTube. So, every month, thousands of people search for that exact keyword. There are hundreds of variations for that specific keyword, so if you rank for one video, it could lead you to rank for other keywords as well.

That's a simple explanation of the YouTube search algorithm. When you are just starting a brand-new account, you need to buy YouTube promotion features. For example, Social Wick offers different services related to YouTube. You can acquire 1000 views on YouTube and shortcut your way up to ranking videos on specific keywords.

Every brand-new account needs to buy YouTube promotion. Without a startup service, no one can become successful.