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11 Facts about Instagram Marketing 2

Published on 09.06.2019 by Julia

In this series, we talk about Instagram marketing. Why it's essential to set your Instagram business account and start promoting? Well, we have listed the first five reasons why Instagram could be hidden eldorado for marketers and businesses.

Let's dive deep and find six more hidden gems from Instagram statistics.

Youngsters use Instagram for a minimum of 30 minutes every day

As you already know, Instagram is the home for young generations. They stay on Instagram for 30 minutes per day. Keep in mind that engagement to the Instagram app comes from the new feature - Instagram stories.

You should not miss this chance, because never before in the history of universe people spent so much time per day on specific marketing platform. You just got 30 minutes daily to grab attention.

Use Instagram stories for engagement.

If you need long-lasting fans on Instagram, then you should make them stay on your account. Or at least, be very interesting to let them check your account daily. Instagram Stories is the only option to let your followers check your account daily. Keep in mind that Stories option is fresh and don't make it over complicated. It's a simple way to connect on a personal level. In the 21st century, everything is based on one on one connection with customers and buyers. So, Instagram stories will give you a chance to relate them on an emotional level.

Content is still the KING.

Self-proclaimed gurus may say that you could focus less on content, but don't trust these people. They lie cause statistics show different results. More than 4 billion posts are liked on Instagram daily. That's a red alert for everyone who does not post original content.

Follow the simple process - create original pictures & videos, post them daily, and wait for responses.

Instagram lovers take action.

In business, the most challenging part is to ask the potential buyer/consumer to take action. Instagram users love taking action. They are easy to influence and like to follow trends. Instagram became a perfect platform for action based industries.

Keep in mind that branding on Instagram could be vital for business.

Live examples of success

You have real-life examples of success. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football/soccer player) has the most popular Instagram account. There are tons of influencers in any industry. If you would love to be successful on Instagram, you have to observe and learn from those established accounts. What are they doing differently? What are they posting? Why do people comment on their posts? Track everything and try to replicate their daily actions.

You can make your startup faster and for instance, get 100 asap followers. Social Wick team would be happy if you choose our platform.

Up to 55% discover new products via Instagram.

It's a positive sign for business to establish their account and promote products via Instagram. As the statistics show, up to 55% discover products via Instagram. Platform developers created a new system where you can directly post business product on Instagram and let your followers/fans buy straight from your Instagram account.