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How much to buy 1000 followers on Instagram

Published on 13.07.2021 by Wayne Mendoza

Why do businesses and service providers buy Instagram followers? Firstly, IG is one of the most extensive social networks. Secondly, most of the young generation (including generation Z) is on the platform. It's the perfect platform to offer products and services.

Yes, Gen Z here


How much to buy 1000 followers on Instagram

Buying Instagram followers gives you a perfect head-start on the platform. Starting a branded account on IG is not as easy as influencers try to show. In reality, you'll get lost if you don't have a reliable companion. SocialWick is a company that can be your helping hand. Instagram marketing campaigns could be very bedevilled sometimes, especially when the competition is enormous. SocialWick offers separate packages for little, medium and big businesses. You can buy a different package of 1000 followers for under $10, which is unusual for this industry. Along with 1000 followers, you can take a separate business package and let professionals work on extensive campaigns. If you still ask how much to buy 1000 followers on Instagram? The answer is straightforward, under $10 can give you many benefits. (check the SocialWick pricing below)


Optimize Instagram bio text

Potential followers and customers always look at the bio text. How to optimize bio text on Instagram? is the most common question that people have. The bio should be very attractive and exciting. That's why bio text should be fascinating and unique. Keep in mind, don't buy too many boring bios! It's a good idea to have hashtags in bio text but not overcrowded.


How many words should you use on your Instagram bio?

It depends on how you use your bio. If you buy 1000 followers from SocialWick, then use around the same amount of words in your bio to encourage people to purchase services/products from you. You can even add a call-to-action in your bio like 'buy my product'. The next thing is don't use more than three hashtags in one post. 

Check the BIO text of Apple on IG. Text is short, straight to point and something that people will remember for good.


The importance of profile picture on Instagram page

The profile picture of your business on the Instagram page is another crucial factor. Many people and businesses use wrong photos on their profile. Many social media marketing agencies fail to take advantage of these simple tricks. Many service providers don't even update their bio text or profile picture! The main reason behind this is they want to show themselves as social media professionals, yet they aren't! You're not supposed to be just good at what you do and know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd through various ways like blog posts, microblogging sites etc. The profile picture and bio have to be the backbone of your business. It's the first part (above the fold of the screen) potential customer check on your page.