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How to product your business on Instagram

Published on 01.07.2019 by Michael

The 21st century is full of opportunities. Digital space created chances for everyone. You can help businesses with your skills and still be at home while working on your dreams. That's how the digital world transformed our life. 

Freelancing is another way to achieve your dreams. Top freelancers are earning quite good, and we see more freelance platforms every month.

There are tons of industries to start offering your skills, but today, we would love to focus on Instagram services. Today we will share with you the secrets on how to earn money while managing Instagram accounts.

Instagram management service

The freelancing world is growing. You should stand out with your skills and offers to earn more than an average freelancer. We would love to give you a simple idea - manage Instagram accounts to your clients.

When you are doing SEO, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, or building a website - all the clients needs a popular Instagram account. Keep in mind that Instagram is the trendiest stuff in the last few years, so your clients are leaving big profits on the table. 

How to manage Instagram accounts with huge success?

Engage with followers

Before you even attempt to gain new followers for your client's account, get enough exposure from current followers. For example, start engaging with the existing followers base. Outreach them via Direct Message function and ask what they would love to see in the future from the account. 

Post content frequently

Stick with one plan - posting content frequently. Is it a business account? If not, you must switch from regular to a business account. That way, you'll get the most valuable data. An Instagram business account will give you a chance to understand when to post, where to post, which hashtags work, and what to post. That kind of data will lead you to success.

So, start frequently posting at specific times and do it over and over again. Consistency is always crucial to Instagram marketing success.

Start a movement

When you sell a product or service, without movement, you can't hit big. If you want extraordinary success, then you should create a new market. The most popular copywriter, Eugene M. Schwartz, once said that big success comes for those businesses that create a new market. How can you create original movement and market on Instagram? Start using unique hashtags. Keep in mind that those hashtags should be focused only on your brand and business.

Join like-minded people

There are tons of freelancers like you. They also manage client's Instagram accounts, and you should find these people. Join those engagement groups and start chatting with them. Create a group where you'll place those freelancers and do the work together. What does it mean? Start liking each other's photos daily. That's precisely how you cross-promote the client's account with other accounts followers.