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Instagram insider secrets every business should know it Part 2

Published on 03.08.2019 by Michael

It’s a two-part guideline about Instagram marketing. In the first part, we shared expert thoughts on Instagram itself. Finally, we have uncovered the three-step formula. That’s why our clients (big brands) succeed on Instagram. As of now, we would love to share with you specific insiders tips on content, getting more exposure, and followers – going viral on Instagram.

Building a content strategy

Before creating a business account, develop a content strategy. By the way, it’s essential to have a business account – otherwise, you would not be able to get data. What’s your industry? For example, if you are in the travel niche, start exploring your country at first. If you can’t travel abroad and take original content, then go for your country at first.

There are lots of ways to get original content of other countries as well. There are numerous ways to get photographer Instagram. If you have a serious brand, then take those freelancers inboard. Pay them every month, and you will get original content.

Let’s explore the options of content on Instagram.

Photo posts

Photo posts are essential as it’s a first way to explore your brand. People look at photos first. It’s a simple way to deliver content to your followers. Most marketers don’t go for photos anymore as they think it’s hard to be converted in 2019. Yeah, we have video posts and other thousands of ways to transform people’s attention but don’t undervalue photo posts.

Video posts

As of now, video content is dominating all social networks. 21st-century marketers think that video content converts better than any other.

Carousel posts

It’s a new edition for Instagram. You can upload a few photos or videos or even a synthesis of those type of information in a simple way. Your followers can see few images or videos in a row. For example, if you are promoting recipes business, then you can easily upload photos in a carousel post. That way, you have a chance to give more information to your fan base with one post.

How to gain more followers

It’s essential to get more followers on Instagram. Yes, we can get original content that can go viral, but it’s impossible without a regular fan base. How to get more followers on Instagram?

Strong Instagram profile

When a stranger checks your Instagram account, they want to know about the brand. They look at follower numbers, creativity, original content, and engagement. For a startup, you need to buy Instagram followers legit. Yes, legit and real followers because you need commitment also

Network with other Instagram brands

As you have robust engagement and significant follower numbers (minimum 1000 followers are essential for a shortcut), start networking with other Instagram brands. They should have the same niche and industry. If they ask for a price (for example for shout out for 24 hours), then go for it. Those accounts must have a minimum of 5% engagement. Check if the followers are real and go for it.

Get your competitors followers

It’s an easy strategy for every business. Check your competitors and go for their followers. Those people are already engaged with your competitor, so it’s time to engage with your account. Follow, and like their post, that’s a perfect way to get their attention.