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Top tips for Ecommerce branding on Instagram

Published on 24.06.2019 by Michael

Instagram is a crowded place. It's full of e-commerce brands, and all of them want you to buy something. Some of those brands are million dollar companies, and it could be a little hard to compete with them. So, what you should do if you have a tight budget for e-commerce promotion on Instagram?

Well, we have asked experts about the hidden secrets on how to achieve success with a low budget. We have outlined a few crucial tips we got from them. Let's make a coffee and dive into the secrets.

Track your competitors.

When you are tight on budget, strive for observation. Do it daily because you need information. For example, choose your three main competitors. Each must have a minimum of 100 000 followers and reasonable engagement rate (actually over 2%). Create a Microsoft document and start tracking. Take one week and track your competitors every day. You should look carefully on photos, videos, stories, and the main thing is that you should take the exact time when they publish content. It's essential to understand the behavior of your competition, and that's how you can outrank them cheaply.

Understand the branding

From the start, you should understand the brand nature. What's your brand color? What's your content strategy? If you look closely on Nike's Instagram page, they have chosen a variety of colors. They always post content in different visuals. What would be your approach? Try to choose a few colors and make content in that way. Also, the frame is a crucial factor. Always stick to one thing and be very consistent. Don't change your approach, or it will look like losing your sight. From the standpoint of a fan, you should follow one straight goal.

Expert tip - Do you know about the Canva? It's a freemium cloud-based service where you can edit photos. It's a perfect way to create Instagram content (even content for Instagram Stories). Try it for free and let it be your best friend for a long time.

Canva has a vast variety of fonts. Use one font from the start and let it be your main advantage.

Inspirational and attention-grabbing captions

Do you know that people love reading captions? Most of Instagram based brands don't use captions. They write a few simple words and hashtags. That's the huge mistake you will ever make in e-commerce branding on Instagram. The caption is an essential part of a promotion. Keep in mind that with the caption, you can make cold lead into the warm lead - so it means that you can easily convert followers into the buyer.

Making your way up with ready-made fame

People first look at your follower's number. Yes, it's the nature of humans. We want to make sure that someone is worth reading, following, and obeying. If someone has thousands of followers, then it's worth pursuing and trusting. You can make an easy way up to Instagram fame. For example, start with 200 Instagram followers or even with 100 Instagram followers. You already have a little base of fans, so it will be much easier to achieve higher numbers.