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Instagram is a key to ecommerce success

Published on 23.06.2019 by James

From the start, Instagram is a place where we share photos and videos with our friends and family. In the last few years, Instagram developer team did a great job and evolved with the times. Today we have lots of features that could be the key to success for your e-commerce project.

As of now, Instagram became a huge trend, and it's a pillar ingredient for every e-commerce success. You can't find a single successful e-commerce project without Instagram promotion. Don't stop wasting time on PPC and different type of ads (such as solo, native, etc.). Just read this article and start focusing on Instagram marketing more.

Instagram as a trend

Yes, in the last few years, Instagram became a trend. Most of the celebrities use Instagram daily. Let's take an example - the most popular Instagram user is indeed Cristiano Ronaldo. More than 171 million followers and an average of 5 million likes on each post. Ronaldo is a huge success, and it's not a single story. There are millions of celebrities and influencers who have more than a million followers, and they dictate what to do.

Almost every teenager wants to be a success on Instagram. So, it's a mental thing already. If you have a business (e-commerce), then you should take advantage of it. Start building an audience, post content consistently, and let this unique process level up your game. You can also shortcut your road to success if you buy 20 Instagram likes or even 100-200-1000 likes.

Tracking everything - yet another powerful add on

As we have mentioned above, Instagram developed their algorithm and changed lots of things. The platform is now fully ready for e-commerce projects. You won't have a problem with tracking things. When you switch from regular account to business account, it gives you access to analytics. It's a must for every business project. Data is something that you can't buy - so, always take a close look at the stats and underline your advantages.

Analytics can give you info about the timing of your posts. For example, your followers could be active from 10-11 PM. It gives you a chance to read more followers during those hours. Analytics can play a huge role in your project's success.

Instagram Stories

It's another attractive option for e-commerce people. People love watching other's daily stories. That's why reality shows have been popular for ages. We have seen lots of reality shows, and that makes people famous. For example, the Kardashians family became a celebrity because of their show.

Instagram stories have the same type of approach. You show people your daily story. It's only available for 24 hours, so people have a kind of emergency feeling that they must watch it in 24 hours.

Use Instagram stories in the right way and let your followers know your e-commerce offers.

Shop on Instagram

From 2019, Instagram users can shop on the Instagram app. You can connect your website to Instagram profile and let people buy straight from your Instagram account.