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Guide to Social Marketing for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Published on 06.09.2019 by Luka

Real estate market is significant, and everyone tries to get a pie. It’s 2019 and demand has changed a lot. There are already a few big players on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We have good news for you on Social Wick. We deliver a comprehensive guide on how to dominate the real estate market in 2019. Let’s start and dive deep.

Youtube marketing for Real estate agents in 2019

Youtube became the most significant video streaming platform in the last few years. There are already the most prominent players on Youtube putting video content every day. Where you should start and what to do first?

Youtube channel under business Google account

If you are going to dominate the real estate market, then go for big goals. You need a team – editing, producing, etc. That’s why you should create a business google account and base Youtube channel on it. When you have a Business Google account, it will be easier to manage YouTube channel. You get a chance to add users and let them manage your account.

Understand your competition

You should understand the game at first and find their “key” to success. For example, if we focus on Youtube star Ryan Serhant, who is a real estate agent, he posts every week. Ryan has more than 500 000 subscribers and gets up to 200 000 views each video. Every week he posts only about his deals and how to be successful in the real estate market.

So, what’s hot on Youtube? If you are a real estate agent, then people need free advice and your success stories. Show people that you’ve dealt and how you close deals with people. Create high-quality videos on how to negotiate with people who want to buy real estate.

Collaborate with our Youtubers

So, Ryan Serhant’s Youtube marketing is easy. Ryan is doing real estate marketing, but collaboration is a must for building an audience. For example, Ryan Serhant first appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk show. It was an intensive interview, and Ryan gained lots of subscribers and fans right away. Every business channel is a goldmine for Real Estate agents. So if you decide to go all on Youtube, then you should collaborate with current Youtube celebrities.

Youtube live – a feature that can get you ahead of the competition

Lots of YouTubers use “live” feature. It’s still an undervalued feature because not all celebrities use it. At A Social Wick, we had lots of tests and campaigns using the Youtube live element, and we should admit that it’s one of the best ways to attract the attention of your fans.