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Youtube promotion for brand new accounts Part 2

Published on 21.07.2019 by Simon

We want to deliver one of the most comprehensive and detailed guides to YouTube marketing. Today we present you the second part of the guideline. We will dive deep into secrets tips on how to improve YouTube performance.

Learn about your audience - data is the key.

Everyone in marketing and business would tell you that data is the key. Why does social network dominate the world? They have access to your information - data of 1 billion people. So, as you see, data is the most expensive thing in the world. If you know audience interests and their behavior - making money out of those followers is getting easier.

YouTube watch time & Demographics of channel

In the first part of the guideline, we have mentioned that creating YouTube business account is very important. Without a business type of account, you don't have access to data. YouTube gives you access to real-time information - who is your subscribers, who are watching now, etc.

When you know watch time and demographics of your audience, then it's easy to create a special offer. Yes, YouTube videos could be your passion, but you can cash out from your addiction too. For example, if you upload original Basketball highlights or "Best Of" type videos, then you can promote all products related to that sport. Also, you can create a unique course on "how to become pro basketballer" and sell it for a relevant price. 

Researching Competition - Vital to success

If you are not tracking your competitor's behavior, then you are losing the competition. For example, search for your niche related videos and list down the top 10 channels with the number of subscribers and videos. 

Take a close eye on competitors. Understand what are they doing to get more views and subscribers. Do they have giveaways? Maybe they have a different type of intros? Are they playing on people's emotions? Do you use psychological triggers when it comes to converting random users into a paid user?

It's all about the tracking and understands their behavior. Create a new Google document and track all those behaviors. Spend 30 minutes every day, and you will explore their behavior pretty soon.

Learn from your competitors

So, if you are tracking your competitors, it could be enough. You can even start learning YouTube game from PROs. They already reached the highest level in your niche, so why not taking inspiration from them? 

Optimize Each video for YouTube Algorithm

YouTube marketing strategy could be easy if you follow algorithm needs. Start using hashtags and optimize each video description/title for search engine. YouTube marketing strategy will be successful if you add the specific keyword in the title. Don't be lazy and write a compelling description; it should be keyword rich. Add lots of variations and long-tail keywords related to your niche. Don't overdo it - be real and follow the writing flow.

Optimizing videos for search engine algorithm is one of the best YouTube marketing strategies.