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11 Pro Tips to improve Instagram Marketing Strategy Part 3

Published on 14.07.2019 by Greg

We already shared a few practical tips on how to improve the Instagram marketing strategy. Today we would love to give you access to the third part of "master guideline." Today you'll learn four more pro tips.

Pros of User-Generated Content

If you are serious about Instagram success, then you should focus on user-generated content. Do you know that big brands always post content that comes from fans? For example, clothing brands encourage fans to post their photos with a branded t-shirt, shorts, etc.


For example, the biggest brand, "Apple," uses user-generated content only. Apple representative post photos only from fans. That's a creative and unique way to get more creative and diversify your brand name. USG (user-generated) content enhances fans from creating some powerful shots and give it to you for free. That's an easy way to handle Instagram content issues.

Run Instagram giveaways and contests

Easy way to get more attention goes with giveaways and contests. Well, anyone can start a contest or giveaway, but some of them are a real success. We will give you professional advice on how to run the most successful giveaway.

  • Rule #1 - Get followers at first. Social Wick is the best place to buy Instagram followers. Without tons of followers, no one would believe whether it's real or not.
  • Rule #2 - Ask them to tag five friends to join the giveaway. Keep it simple - no one can enter the contest unless they tag five friends.

Game changer - Swipe Up Feature

Instagram BIO allows users to get only one link. That's hard to change URLs in BIO every time you have something new to share with your followers. Swipe UP feature on Instagram stories is indeed the game changer. In previous parts of the guideline, we talked about Instagram stories and the importance of a daily update of this feature.  With a swipe up feature, you can add URLs to an everyday story.

When an Instagram account gets 10,000 followers, they get "Swipe UP" system in Stories. Once again, Social Wick is the best place to buy Instagram followers and likes. 

Respond to everything - whether it's love or hate

You should respond to everyone who comments on your posts. Some people don't like your photos? Reply and ask for the reasons. Do you get love comment? Reply and say that you love them too.

If you respond to everything, it increases the chances of a good reputation. People will see that you are not running away from hate or love. If you are doing good, there will be lots of haters and rude comments. Don't delete those comments, get ready, and answer them. Show your strengths and let them know that you care about everyone.

Account reputation means a lot. So, try your best and defend brand name at all cost.