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Instagram insider secrets every business should know it Part 1

Published on 29.07.2019 by Simon

Do you know that Instagram has more than 500 million users online for daily basis? It’s a perfect data for every marketer around the globe. Keep in mind that it's excellent marketing for every business. Today we have created a unique two-part guideline for companies. You will learn almost every insider secret about Instagram marketing.

Why should you trust our tips and secrets? First of all, we have been doing Instagram marketing for businesses for more than six years. It’s been a roller-coaster for us because we have seen everything. There were failures and successes. And we have learned about every update and algorithm change.

We decided to share with you our secrets because it’s a perfect feeling to help others. Let’s start

Why should you choose Instagram?

Before we head to actual insider secrets, first we talk about Instagram itself. Why should businesses go for Instagram? It’s almost an entire social network in the 21st century. Yes, there is Facebook, but Instagram sells more products than it should be doing. Facebook has already implemented Ads manager, and Instagram also got it, but businesses can sell more with simple marketing than paying in advertising.

When Mark Zuckerberg sold Instagram for 1 billion dollars, people thought it would be a big fail. Who would pay 1 billion dollars to Startup? But it was a long-term investment, and today, Instagram is one of the biggest social networks.

Critical points for considering Instagram as the best network for businesses

  • Instagram has a colossal engagement rate. Up to 5% of followers regularly engage in brands posts. It’s a different situation with other systems. Facebook, Twitter, etc. – those networks have 0.1% average engagement rate.

  • 70% of Instagram user lookup to the Instagram brand before they purchase product/service

  • Only 36% of marketers use Instagram. It’s a different situation with Facebook – up to 95% of marketers use Facebook Advert platform. Data shows that Instagram still full of gold-mine, and every business has the chance to grow while it’s time exponentially.

Success Formula for every business on Instagram

If you don’t follow our three-step success formula, your business will fail miserably on Instagram.

A clear vision of strategy

First of all, without a strategy (clear vision), you can’t go far on Instagram. Every big brand has a particular ladder for success. They develop a plan for every year. So, when you follow the simple steps, it becomes easier for every marketer.

Consistency with content

Instagram users live and breathe with content. If you don’t post original content, it’s impossible to succeed. Keep in mind that content should be related to your industry. People remember your brand with your content. Instagram users associate your content with your brand.

Stay down to earth – engage with your followers

It’s essential to engage with your followers. No matter what’s the message – it could be a direct message or comment on your posts – you should engage with each and one of them. It’s crucial for business success when a brand is just starting. You can hire a few social media managers and give only one task – engage with every comment and direct message.